Friday, July 9, 2010

Humility of Helplessness

Since Sunday, Isaac has been lying in the same recliner, with the same fever, and the same fits of coughing which redden his face and leave him fighting to catch a breath.  
I feel helpless to help him. 
He reads the expression on my face...I read the expression on his. 
He feels helpless too.  

Crying and scared, the girls call out to me from their beds.  Through sounds of whimpering and sniffing they share, "We can't sleep, Mommy.  We are so afraid."  Patting their heads, I say a quick prayer and tell them that God is with them every moment; therefore, they don't need to be afraid.   "But, we keep having scary thoughts that won't go away."  
I feel helpless to help them.
"What if we have bad dreams after we fall asleep?" 
They feel helpless too.

Eyes red with fatigue and body sore with exhaustion, David exhales. I snuggle up next to him and wrap my arms around his chest. "It's just been a crazy, busy week.  Sometimes it just seems impossible to get everything at work done on time."   
I feel helpless to help him.
He kisses me softly on the forehead, sighing again. 
He feels helpless too.

I pause, my head tucked neatly in my hands...thoughts aimlessly spinning and racing through my mind.  Then, like a gentle rain, giving refreshment to the wilted flowers, I feel HIS words raining down upon me, giving refreshment and nourishment to my soul.
"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."  (2 Corinthians 12:9)
I slowly walk into the room where Isaac lies sleeping peacefully, free of coughing fits and gasping for air for a time.  Feeling his forehead, I whisper softly,  

"HIS grace is sufficient for you too, Isaac.  
HIS power is made perfect in your weakness."

I make my way to the girls room.  Their pillows still damp with remnants of tears, their bodies curled up in little, tight balls; I cover them.  Softly, I whisper, 

"HIS grace is sufficient for you too, girls.  
HIS power is made perfect in your weakness."

"I crawl into bed and turn towards David.  In the quietness of the room, I hear him breathing deeply, another days work has passed.  Another days problems have passed too. Reaching out, I gently touch his hand and whisper softly, 

"HIS grace is sufficient for you too, David. 
HIS power is made perfect in your weakness."

I roll over, close my eyes, and meditate on HIS words once more....  
"My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness."
One last thought comes to mind... 
Thank you, LORD, for my helplessness!

"Only in the humility of helplessness will we discover the sufficiency of His presence." Charles Stanley


  1. just what I needed today, Satin... I was going to wait till "tomorrow" (OK, LATER TODAY) to read this... but I just knew that it was going to be what I needed right now. Thanks!

  2. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful...thanks!