Sunday, June 20, 2010

In Need of Being Rescued

Dazed and confused, the little bird sat on our gravel driveway.  Chirping helplessly, it cried out for help, desiring safety from the cruel fate that it must have known awaited it if it were to linger in the open space on the gravel too long ...the jaws of our cat, Toby.  Near the tiny feathered creature, was another baby bird, this one having already lost it's fight to remain alive.  Compassionately, Amaris expressed that she felt it was her duty to protect this little helpless baby bird from our cat or some other danger that awaited it.  After pleading her case, I gave a simple "yes" nod of my head in the direction of my daughter.

Slowly bending down over the birds shivering little frame, Amaris lovingly scooped it up, pulled it gently against her chest, and carried it safely towards the aquarium underneath the awning of our porch.  The second she picked it up, the bird chirped even more wildly, more loudly.  Perhaps the other birds were watching what was happening too, for in an instant, the forest seemed to erupt with an outcry of screeching and chirping.  Several birds began to swoop near to Amaris' head, wildly flapping their wings, showing their claws as they flew by.  I wonder if one of them was the baby bird's momma.

This poor little helpless bird had no idea that it's life was being saved from the jaws of the cat.  It was fearful of the very one who was trying to save it's life.  The other birds too had no idea that Amaris was a friend, full of compassion towards this little creature, but rather they were afraid that she was planning to harm it.  And interestingly, the other birds were helpless on their own strength or faculties to protect this little baby from being harmed.  The other squealed and squalled, but the truth is, the baby was still on the gravel, in the wide-open driveway, all alone...and they were unable to save it. 

In watching this scene play out, I was freshly reminded as a Christian of my own salvation through Jesus Christ.  At one time, I was like that little helpless baby bird...afraid, alone, maybe at the time not even realizing the extremity of the danger that I was in.  But God, in His great mercy, rescued me.  No one else could have saved me...not my parents, or friends, or even my pastor.  I couldn't be saved from my sin as a result of attending church, completing a confirmation class, or by being born in a Christian family.  No!  Only Jesus could save me.  Prior to experiencing the full unmerited favor of Jesus Christ, I  spent as much time as that little bird, chirping wildly, fully unaware of  my need for salvation.

What about you?  Are you like the little bird, out it in wide-open gravel driveway, in need of being rescued?  Or the parent of an unsaved child, wildly chirping, swooping down to show your claws as you fly by, thinking that if you do or say the right things, that maybe your child might be saved?   Moms, Dads...your best efforts can not save your child or offer to them the forgiveness of sins.  Only the blood of Jesus Christ can do that! 

Be encouraged, because God delights in saving sinners.

"For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast."   Ephesians 2:8-9  

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