Monday, June 21, 2010

The Placental Brain Moment

I can't believe that I am about to do this....really, I must be insane!  I am going to tell you about my most embarrassing moment. of them.  And the funny thing is, no one was even around to witness my most embarrassing moment, except me and God.  But trust me, two witnesses were quite enough...I might have been lobbying to move to a new town where NO ONE knew me if anyone else had seen.  I am quite certain that God still affectionately laughs at "His silly little girl" when He recalls what I like to call my "placental brain moment" (yes, I was pregnant.).  Hormones....what can I say?

It was a very hot summery afternoon.  I was in the kitchen, oven turned on, stove blasting, making a meal for a family in our church who had just had a baby.  Did I mention that it was very HOT?  After the meal was nearly completed, I decided that since my clothing was drenched from sweating my guts out, that it would probably be a wise idea to shower before delivering the meal.  So, I showered, dried my hair, and rushed to the kitchen to wrap the meal up and double check my list to make sure that I wasn't forgetting anything

When I looked at the clock, I realized that I was running late.  With a quick sigh and quite possibly another pause to wipe off the new sweat that was forming on my forehead, I grabbed the meal and out the door I went.  I jumped into the car, put on my seat belt, turned the car on, took one more glance at the food sitting in the passenger seat next to me (which I was feeling quite proud of, BTW), and drove off.  

About a mile down the road, something dawned on me...

I had forgotten to put on pants!  (Go back to paragraph 2...showered, dried hair, rushed to wrap up meal...notice no mention of the words "put on pants"?)  

I was on my way to deliver a meal to friends from the church... in just my UNDERWEAR!  

I slammed on the breaks, shuttered at the thought of what may have happened had I not actually noticed until I arrived at the family's house that I was just wearing my gutchies, and quickly turned back around to "complete" my wardrobe.

 Alright, please stop laughing at me now...I can almost feel the earth shake from all of the laughter at my expense.  Just please remember that I am trying to be humble here.

So, you may be thinking,  
What could Satin's experience of nearly delivering a meal without pants on possibly teach me?"
I am so glad you asked! I will sum it up in one sentence for you...

Make it your passion to care about what God thinks about you according to His word, not what you or others think...

So, now I have a challenge for you.  
I would like for you to spend this week searching scripture and meditating on it, to see how God feels about about you as His child.   Then, if you are wiling, post a comment or send me an email sharing what He has taught you. 
Also feel free to share a most embarrassing me, it will keep you humble. 

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