Saturday, June 19, 2010

Just Enjoy the Ride

The directions seemed so simple and clear when my mom first spoke them.  I had planned to go to the mall for awhile, but the main road in her town was closed, which necessitated taking an alternate route.  "You just go up to the top of the hill.  When you see the corn fields, take a right.  Go down the road about a mile to the bottom of the hill and take another right.  That will take you to I-80.  After getting onto I-80 East, take the 3rd exit.  You can't miss it!" 

I could feel the anxiety rising up within me.  I am horrible at following directions, no matter how simple they are.  I can get myself lost on a straightaway...NO KIDDING!  I have even been known to get lost while using the GPS unit.  My husband, David seems to have an internal compass or something....I sure don't.  Unless it is one of those cheap compasses like you get in the McDonald's Happy Meals that just spin and spin and spin, never really pointing to true north. 

I straightened my frame, took a deep breath, and whispered to myself, "This time is going to be different.  I am not going to get lost.  Only three turns are required the whole way there.  Surely,  I can handle that."  I quickly corralled the children into the van and set off on what was to be a quick trip to the mall. 

As I neared the top of the hill, I started to feel a little nervous, questions now flooding my mind.  "Did she say to take the first right, once I see the corn fields, or the second one?  Or did she say the first road past the corn fields?  I slowed down the vehicle to try and make a quick decision.  "Think Satin, think!"  After arguing with myself over which option seemed the most logical, I opted for the first road past the corn fields...BZZZZ, WRONG ANSWER!  Only I didn't realize that I had taken the wrong road until I had driven confidently along for about 4 miles.

Humbly, I turned the van around and back-tracked to the first road.  "Okay, see this isn't so did it, Satin."  I really felt I was on the road to success, until I went about a mile down the hill and saw a road leading to the left and a road leading to the right.  Contemplating...desperately gnawing at my already non-existent fingernails, I tried to once again recall the directions my mom had given me, to no avail.  Doubts filled my mind.  "Should I stop and ask someone for help???...there is no one, silly, unless you are going to go over and ask that cow!"  So, onward I drove...

Well, to make a long story short and to spare you of all the boring details, I will just tell you that I did end up making it to the mall...and it only took me 6 wrong turns and about 30 minutes more than what it should've taken.  And, I made it back to my mom 's house too...and I only made 3 wrong turns on the way back and beat my original time by 5 minutes!  You have to celebrate the small successes in life you know.

Sitting in the car thinking...since I had so much time to think.  I realized something quite interesting.  As I was driving, I was worried.  Would I end up driving into some deep abyss somewhere never to return again (not really, but it sounds dramatic).  But, I was concerned about being lost.  However, sitting in the back of the van were my three younger children, laughing, chatting...just enjoying the ride.  They were not the least bit concerned about our impending peril, as I was.  They were just trusting that we were going to make it to the mall and back.

As adults, it seems that we worry and fret about our every decision, struggling, wondering if God will really
show us which decision we should make and questioning all the while. Can anyone reading relate?  The Bible contains many verses which would encourage us not to worry in the midst of making hard decisions, but rather that we should pray to God for wisdom and TRUST HIM for the outcome.
James 1:5 says  "If any of you lacks wisdom, let Him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach, and it will be given to him." 
Wow, isn't that such an encouragement?  Why do we question every detail, working ourselves into a tale spin when a difficult decision comes up, when God promises to give us wisdom generously if we just ask Him.

Maybe you are contemplating a career change.  Maybe you are trying to decide if you should pursue an adoption.  Possibly you are questioning who you should marry.  Or maybe you are trying to decide whether to vaccinate your children or not...I don't know.  I do know, that whatever decision you face, God desires to give you all the wisdom in making it.  Just pray to God, ask Him for wisdom, seek wise counsel through Godly friends and the Bible, and trust God for the outcome.

Thinking back on my adventure driving to the mall this morning, one thought comes to mind.  On the road of life, I just desire to sit back like my children, laughing, chatting, and enjoying the ride...trusting God to get me where He wants me to be.


  1. I love this story Satin. You just described how I feel every time I travel anywhere that is unfamiliar....And yes, I get lost even with a GPS. After my son has spent 2 years at Slippery Rock, I still wouldn't find my way to visit him without written directions, the GPS and a few panic attacks along the way. This week I traveled on a plane by myself for the 1st time in 28 years. I was so nervous that I would lose my way in the airport, I would miss my plane and never get to my destination. I had to smile when I read your blog. Your story sounds so familiar.
    I also love the scripture in James that you included. It reminds me of how I need to rest in the Lord and seek his wisdom more during my travels... allowing him to direct my paths.
    Over the years in my life, I have learned to trust him in most situations, but traveling alone is one area where I often feel anxious. Thank you for reminding me to call on HIM when I begin to feel that way.

  2. What a comfort to know that I am not alone in my apparent lack of having an "internal compass". And, I applaud you for traveling by plane...alone! It is such a comfort to know that God can be trusted with our lives.