Monday, June 14, 2010

What Does Webster Have to Say about Normal?

Over the past week, I have heard the word "normal" mentioned quite often.
"Don't you want to adopt a "normal" child?"
"This child will never be "normal!"
"You already have 4 "normal" children, how could you possibly want one with Down Syndrome?"
So, I was curious...What does "normal" really mean anyway? Well, according to Mr. Webster, "normal" is defined as:
"being approximately average or within certain limits in, e.g. intelligence and development, a perfectly normal child."
Maybe your opinion would differ from mine, but to me "normal" seems rather boring. When I read the definition of "normal", I picture one of those machines that spit out the Hershey Kisses, all looking exactly the same, and if one is malformed in any way the buzzer sounds to alert the workers to pull the "abnormal" one off the assembly line as quickly as possible. Sadly, I think many in the world would view our children with special needs in the same way. We have been so influenced by our culture to believe that "normal" should look a certain way, that it has robbed us of life's greatest blessings...our children, namely those with special needs.

Did you know that 90% of babies who are diagnosed as having Down Syndrome in utero are aborted? And to make this statistic a little more frightening, 1 out of every 800 babies are diagnosed with having possible Down's. It makes me shudder just thinking about it!

But God, in His goodness, gave us children with Down Syndrome and other special needs. They are a gift from Him and should be cherished, loved, and enjoyed. God did not make a mistake when He created little Kaleb. He lovingly and patiently knit Kaleb together in his mother's womb. Kaleb is a miracle...all children are!

Maybe you have a child that has been diagnosed with autism, diabetes, cerebral palsy, cancer, or learning disabilities. I would appeal to you that you have been given a great and wonderful treasure. Your child was hand-picked by God just for you! Isn't that amazing to consider?

So, be encouraged! And remember this day to thank God for His goodness towards you...and go and kiss your children on the heads and tell them that you are so glad that they aren't "normal".


  1. Hi Satin, nice blog. Before I was born the doctor said I would have down's syndrome and my mom should abort (this was the 80's). She didn't and I came out a healthy 11 pound baby. My mom yelled at the doctor for giving her months of worry and trying to convince her what to do.

  2. Thanks BT! What a wonderful testimony you have to share. Thank God for your mom's courage and strength to keep you, even though the future seemed uncertain. And look at you now....REVEREND!